Giving a lecture on Lévy movement and self-organisation at Wiston House, UK

I am giving a talk on Lévy movement in self-organised ecosystems at the Company of Biologists conference  “Current status and future directions of Lévy walk research” at Wiston House, UK. The venue has its appeals.


I love computing!

I participated in the Workshop on Geometric and Graph-based Approaches to Collective Motion in the Dagstuhl conference center in Wadern, Germany. We discussed how to compute the connectance of mussels within patterned mussel beds. It is amazing how these computer guys envision complex calculations when they see a bunch of mussels sitting in a pattern!

Self-organization in deep time

I gave an Evening Keynote talk about ecological self-organization at the Autogenic Dynamics Conference of the Society for Sedimentary Geology. We discussed possible signs of self-organization in the geological record. See an example in the poster image, of a deposit with stromatolite-like shapes found in the book cliffs, Colorado, where we went for a field visit.

I gave a lecture and a masterclass within the Wageningen ecology & evolution series (WEES lectures) on Sept 19, 2013.

On september 19, 2013, I gave giving a lecture entitled “The ecology of animal movement: can we learn from physics?”, and before the lecture interested PhD and Master students joined a Master class.