Giving a lecture on Lévy movement and self-organisation at Wiston House, UK

I am giving a talk on Lévy movement in self-organised ecosystems at the Company of Biologists conference  “Current status and future directions of Lévy walk research” at Wiston House, UK. The venue has its appeals.


Vacancy for PhD student working on “Understanding animal search”

Together with Jan van Gils, Allert Bijleveld, and Sander van Doorn (RUG), I have a PhD position vacant for somebody interested in understanding animal search from a principle-seeking viewpoint. If you want to combine modelling with experiments to understand animal search, this might be your job!


Spatial Patterns: A Blueprint for Ecosystem Resilience

How to make a sturdy ecosystem? It might be a good idea to design it with a nice regular pattern. Helene de Paoli and Aniek van der Berg showed it makes all the difference when restoring a mussel bed. Their work was published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Link to the paper:

Link to the NIOZ press release (in Dutch):

Deepwater mussels are wimps! Waddensleutels research reveals inability of deepwater (culture) mussels to survive the hash intertidal environment.

Helene de Paoli, PhD student within the Waddensleutels project, defended her thesis last Friday. Maladaptation of the mussels from deeper water to the intertidal environment explains the failure of many mussel restoration projects.

See the (Dutch) press release: