I love computing!

I participated in the Workshop on Geometric and Graph-based Approaches to Collective Motion in the Dagstuhl conference center in Wadern, Germany. We discussed how to compute the connectance of mussels within patterned mussel beds. It is amazing how these computer guys envision complex calculations when they see a bunch of mussels sitting in a pattern!

Planting Marsh Grass in Clumps Doubles Salt Marsh Recovery Rate

Planting marsh grass in clumps may contribute considerably to the recovery of salt meadows and marshes. This is one of the results of a joint research project by Duke University in the US and the NIOZ Royal Dutch Institute for Sea Research, which was published in the leading scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA.

See the press release: link to the NIOZ Website.

The publication: Link to PNAS.

Using self-organization to build virtual ecosystems

Scientific models often produce very abstract prediction of how natural ecosystems will respond to management scenario’s. Here, we present a new technique that uses computer graphics techniques to build virtual representations of predicted developments of ecosystems that are accessible to everybody. They also represent a new a approach in building virtual worlds based on spatial organisation.

See the movie on youtube: https://youtu.be/9EWkxiycA0A

Computer graphics technology: Robert Rooseboom, NIOZ.